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The Program

Population Monitoring

Understanding population biology is essential for effective management and conservation of endangered species. In order to inform conservation strategies for the snail kite, it is important to have a thorough understanding of snail kite demography, the snail kite's ability to move among wetlands, its' resilience to disturbance events, and the potential effects of management actions and other habitat changes on snail kite survival and reproduction. 

Our primary goal is to provide reliable estimates of population trends and demography of snail kites, including identifying key demographic rates influencing trends, and how natural and managed conditions alter these rates.  


We conduct research in addition to population monitoring of snail kites to answer specific questions that arise from discussions with species working groups, conservation agencies, and field biologists. For example, understanding why snail kites utilize specific habitat for nesting or foraging, and the potential demographic implications of these decisions are just some of the questions we hope to answer. 

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