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Andrea Bowling. Master Thesis 2009. Effects of Habitat Degradation on Monthly Movements of Juvenile Snail Kites. 


Chris Cattau. Ph.D 2014. Behavioral, Demographic, and Evolutionary Responses of the Endangered Snail Kite to Changing Food Resources in a                      Dynamic Prey Landscape. 


Lara Drizd. Master Thesis 2011. Aspects fo the Abundance, Density, and Movement of Apple Snails Relative to Invasive Submerged Aquatic                         Plants in a Cental Frorida Lake. 


Jean Olbert. Master Thesis. 2013. The Breeding Ecology of Endangered Snail Kites (Rostrhamus socialbilis plumbeus) on a Primary Nesting                         Site in Central Florida, USA. 


Kyle Pias. Master Thesis. 2012. Foraging Ecology of Breeding Snail Kites (Rostrhamus socialbilis plumbeus) on Lake Tohopekaliga, Florida, USA


Brian Reichert. Master Thesis 2009. Effects of Aging and the Environment on Snail Kite Demography: A Reassessment of Snail Kite                                  (Rostrhamus socialbilis plumbeus) Vital Rates.


Brian Reichert. Ph.D 2014. Spatial Structure in Demography and Movements of the Endangered Snail Kite: Revealing Multi-Scale Patterns and                    Their Implications for Conservation.  


Rebecca Wilcox. Master Thesis 2015. Foraging Preference and the Links Between Foraging Behavior and Habitat Quality of the Endangered                     Snail Kite (Rostrhamus socialbilis plumbeus)

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